You Talking to Me? Auto Technology Rising Quickly

If you remember the days when hanging a transistor radio from your rearview mirror or using your left arm to signal a turn were all common practices, you might be having a bit of an anxiety attack from all the new technology available in modern vehicles. From driver assistance features that not only warn you of a possible collision but also take control of your car to engines that vary the number of cylinders used depending on load, new technology can be a wonderful thing. It can also be a little overwhelming at times, which is why the pros at the Chapman Arizona dealerships are ready to take the time to explain all the features of your new vehicle.

Are Self-driving Cars the Wave of the Future?

Self-driving cars are definitely coming. Just drive around in Tempe and you’ll see a fleet of self-driving minivans with giant sensors mounted on top going endlessly through the neighborhoods. Whether or not the autonomous vehicle is a wave or merely a ripple remains to be seen. While industry experts say it will take autonomous vehicles talking to each other to solve urban gridlock, the fact remains that there are cost, technology and regulatory hurdles to clear. Expect baby steps in the next couple of decades with autonomous vehicles being available on a limited premium level in the mid 2020s.

Nikola Tesla would be Proud

Although self-driving cars may be a way away, the proliferation of electrified vehicles continues to be on the front burner of most major car companies. Hyundai just announced a new initiative to increase their available inventory of electrified vehicles and other automakers are doing the same. Hybrids that combine a small electric motor with a four-cylinder gas engine are still the most available and affordable, but prices are coming down on plug-in hybrids and all Electric Vehicles (EV). The improvement of batteries and ability to extend the range of an EV to more than 200 miles make the prospect of driving an electric car much more palatable to the general public.

Cars Will Communicate with Each Other

One of the major technological breakthroughs coming in the next few years will be the ability of vehicles to talk to one another. Cadillac has implemented this technology in its CTS sports sedans this year, so expect other automakers to follow suit. Cars will be able to more easily flow from lane to lane if they know what other cars are doing. Real time traffic reports, road conditions and inclement weather are other bits of information that can help traffic flow. Keep up to date with the very latest technology by visiting any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships and taking a test drive today.

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