Top 3 Road Trip Destinations From Arizona


Every car enthusiast spends time on the road and Chapman Arizona knows what they love the most––driving! So while you or your car enthusiast cruise the highway, why not experience some of the most popular destinations in Arizona?

Phoenix is commonly referred to as the “Valley of the Sun” for good reason. The city is famous for its sub-tropical desert climate, where temperatures can blast beyond 100° F during the summer. With a range of beautiful galleries, remarkable museums, top-notch Tex-Mex cuisine, and cactus-dotted landscape, it’s easy to understand why Arizona’s state capital is one of the most revered metropolises in the U.S. It behooves the city’s 4.2 million residents to venture out every once in a while and take advantage of myriad vacations spots within descent driving distance. Time to get excited and pack your luggage, crank the A.C., and jump in the car – let’s hit the road!


Road Trip #1: Phoenix to Sedona, AZ

Total Driving Time: 2 hours, 6 minutes

Distance: 117 miles

For all you nature lovers, check out the captivating allure of the red rock formations of Sedona.

With its iconic Red Rock landscape and spiritually-energized ambiance, Sedona is a powerful escape to paradise for earthbound explorers. The city is practically ensconced by endless hiking trails. Sedona is also a blossoming metropolis however, comprised of local galleries, Native American craft shops, and indie boutiques. For an indulgent experience, check out the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa. The property offers breathtaking views of the Rocks from the fire pit on the observation deck, as well as from the private, in-room balconies. But the hotel’s true attraction is the spa, with treatments inspired by the outdoor yoga classes. For a no-frills yet family-friendly stay, the Bell Rock Inn is a highly affordable alternative. The inn offers two heated pools, a picnic area and an outdoor playground for kids, all with the views of the Rocks.


Road Trip #2: Phoenix to Tucson, AZ

Drive Time: 2 hours, 2 minutes

Distance: 116 miles

Tucson, famously known as the Old Pueblo, is one of the world’s finest spa destinations.

Regarded as one of the top spa destinations in the U.S., Tucson offers incredibly luxurious retreats that can accommodate all budgets. Located beneath the Sonoran Desert, the city also has its fair share of golf courses and shopping centers. The shopping areas are perfect for those seeking a little retail therapy in between spa appointments. One of Tucson’s most famous spas is Canyon Ranch, an all-inclusive retreat designed for those with high style and deep, deep pockets. Offering fitness and nutrition classes, sleep labs and a fully-staffed “Life Management” team, Canyon Ranch puts daylight between every other spa hotel. For those that want to enjoy lavish retreats at budget-friendly prices, choose to stay at the Hacienda del Sol. The hotel matches similar amenities at a fraction of the cost, such as a full-service spa, mountainside pool and horseback riding stables for the seasoned rider. Offering incredible Southwestern decor and Santa Catalina Mountains scenery, Hacienda Del Sol has the feel of a posh resort at a descent price.


Road Trip #3: Phoenix to Las Vegas

Drive Time: 5 hours, 28 minutes

Distance: 298 miles

The Venetian offers a quintessential Vegas experience — in sheer magnitude alone!

Arizona has its fair share of casinos and nightlife, but the ultimate adult playground is just 50 miles to Las Vegas. Spas may reenergize your spirits, but most opt for the 24-hour party approach for full recovery. And where better to do that than the famous Sin City? For a Hangover-inspired vacation, check out the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, a terrific experience from start to finish.

The trip to Las Vegas is pretty direct along US-93. The drive delivers some of the most awesome detours in the country, including the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and the Sunset Crater Volcano, so don’t be afraid to veer off the path a few times en route to Sin City.

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