Some New Car Technologies More Popular Than Others

For those who remember the day when you turned your radio on with a knob and only had your choice of half a dozen or so AM stations, the technology in today’s new vehicles can be somewhat overwhelming. Whether it’s trying to connect via Bluetooth, access your vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot or stay calm when your car automatically applies the brakes, it’s a brave new world for consumers when it comes to car buying. That’s why the friendly folks at the Chapman Arizona dealerships take the extra time to explain every detail that comes with your vehicle purchase.

Run-Flat Tires Most Popular

According to a report by J.D. Power, the favorite piece of technology has nothing to do with entertainment or navigation, it’s a relatively simple thing that can save you hours of frustration. Run flat tires are engineered to allow you to drive up to 50 miles at 50 miles an hour, which is usually enough to get you to a gas station or dealership for repair. The invention of run-flat tires has also eliminated the spare in many modern vehicles, saving a little weight and increasing gas mileage.

Smart Air Bags Lessen Impact

If you’ve ever had an air bag go off in your face, you can relate to the feeling of being in a heavyweight fight. New dual-stage “smart” air bags expand in two stages, with the initial stage being much gentler than the final explosion. This lessens the impact and is much safer for children.

You Gots to Have Your Tunes

No surprise that a premium surround sound stereo system is the third most popular piece of technology according to the JD Power report. While most new cars come with some sort of infotainment system, premium sound can be an option that costs $8,000 or more. For that money you’ll feel like a baby in your mother’s arms, swaddled in symphonic sound as you battle the daily commute.

Safety Features Proving Popular

Coming in next on the list, in order, are active cornering headlights, rear view cameras and blind-spot monitoring. Active headlights actually turn with your wheels, leading the way around corners on dark, lonesome roads. Rear view cameras allow a clear view of any obstacles you might normally back over, and the blind-spot monitoring system alerts you when a vehicle is lurking beside you in a place you just can’t see in your mirrors. All these pieces of technology and much more are available in many of the new and used vehicles for sale at the Chapman Arizona dealerships. Take some extra time and make sure you get all the technology you need – and want – to improve your driving experience.

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