Now’s the Time for a Coolant Flush

Hey, we get it. When it comes to your to-do list, a coolant flush is right up there with watching grass grow or paint dry. Unfortunately for you, flushing your coolant once a year is an important maintenance requirement to keep your cooling system fresh and working properly. It’s even more important when you live in the desert, where triple-digit temperatures six months out of the year put a lot of strain on the systems keeping your engine within optimal operating temperatures. Make an appointment today with any Chapman Arizona dealership for a painless coolant flush to prepare yourself for the coming summer heat.

Flushing Different Than Draining

It seems simple enough to loosen the ball-cock on the bottom of your radiator and drain out all the old coolant, then refill it with fresh anti-freeze. A coolant flush does much more than that. Using proper equipment, a Chapman Arizona service technician will use pressure to push all the anti-freeze, rust, scale deposit and contaminants out of your cooling system. At best, draining the radiator only removes about 50 percent of those harmful deposits.

Includes Total System Check Up

Getting a coolant flush also means your entire cooling system will be tested under pressure for possible leaks. That’s also the time for a look at all the belts and hoses, which are put under tremendous strain in the Arizona heat. A few dollars spent now on new hoses and belts can mean avoiding a dangerous situation stuck alongside the road this summer.

New Coolant Has Many Benefits

Loading up your vehicle with new coolant not only gets rid of all the gunk in your radiator system, but also has additional benefits such as lubricating your water pump and preventing rust build-up and foaming within the system. Your old anti-freeze has lost many of these protective powers, making now the time to schedule an appointment at any Chapman Arizona service center for a coolant flush to get ready for the summer months.

Chapman Techs Highly Trained

Whether you have a Ford, Chevy, Dodge or Import, the Chapman Arizona dealerships offer ASE-certified technicians who know the ins and outs of today’s complicated vehicles. While a coolant flush is a relatively minor but important procedure, the Chapman techs are trained to spot more serious problems that may be looming. By developing a relationship with a service advisor, you’ll be the first to know when your vehicle needs maintenance and if any recall notices require attention.

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