Gas Mileage Not the Only Factor in Picking a Rideshare Vehicle

For those of you making a little extra money on the side, or perhaps pulling in a full-time living, as a rideshare driver for companies such as Uber and Lyft, the right vehicle goes a long way toward making the most out of your hours on the road. Of course, gas mileage is important, but so are such things as rear leg room, the infotainment system, luggage space and the way you keep your vehicle maintained. Most companies have some kind of requirements for a rideshare vehicle, including that it has at least four doors and can’t be more than a few years old. You don’t have to buy something new to get in the rideshare business, but take your time and inspect the entire inventory of  new and used vehicles at the Chapman Arizona website before you make a decision.

Compact, Midsize or SUV?

One of the first decisions you need to make before getting in the rideshare game is if you want to be one of the “elite” drivers who gives rides to upscale clientele, or if you want to make your living on the economy side. There are benefits and drawbacks to both. You make more money per ride on the upscale side, but the rides might be farther apart. If you want to drive for the upscale market, make sure and check out your company’s rules. They can be very specific as to type of vehicle, using involving a premium SUV. The rules are more lenient for the more affordable market, but before you spend the money on that new compact or midsize sedan with the high mpg figures, take a moment to sit in the back seat. Is there plenty of leg room or do you feel like a sardine in an unopened can? Also check the trunk space. More than one rideshare driver has had to turn down a ride because they couldn’t fit all the client’s luggage in their car.

Minivan a Happy Medium

Although minivans don’t get great gas mileage, they aren’t all that horrible either. Most of them can get around 20 mpg in the city and they all provide you the opportunity to take both lower end rides and those in the “XL” category. When you find an affordable minivan on the Chapman Arizona website, you can be sure that it’s been thoroughly inspected and is ready for the road. Whatever vehicle you decide, stay safe, keep thorough records of your mileage for some pretty hefty tax deductions, drive smart and have fun making all that extra money.

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