Freezing Nighttime Temps Require Coolant Check

One of the best things, if not the best thing, about living in the Valley of the Sun is the moderate daytime winter temperature. While you watch wind chills of single digits and blowing snow attack other parts of the country on the news, you can enjoy an ice tea and a good book in your chaise lounge on the patio. While you enjoy the daytime temps in the 70s, don’t forget that those nighttime temperatures can easily dip well below freezing, especially in the outlying areas of the Valley. Now’s the time for a coolant check and flush at any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships. If your coolant has gone bad, or if perhaps you had a cooling system event during the summer and just replaced the lost fluid with water, your vehicle could be in danger of freezing. That can be a costly expense that can easily be avoided with some fresh anti-freeze.

Dangers Range from a Little to a Lot

Don’t panic if your coolant does freeze some cold winter night. Chances are that it will turn more to slush than hard ice. If that occurs, the water in the engine will melt when your car heats up, but the radiator will probably remain frozen. You’ll notice a problem if steam comes rolling out from under your hood. That will tell you that the coolant could not flow through the radiator. If you stop immediately, the damage should be kept to a minimum. Also keep an eye on your temperature gauge. If it rises quickly and stays pegged in the high range, pull over and get help. In a worst-case scenario, your car’s engine block will crack due to the frozen water. Your car may run, but the oil and water will mix causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Many Benefits to Coolant Flush

If you have had your car for a few years and have never had the coolant flushed, now is the time to head to any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships and have that inexpensive service completed. Along with replenishing your system with fresh coolant, a coolant flush also removes any rust and deposits, can extend the life of your water pump, removes any other contaminants that come from degraded coolant and exposes any small leaks that might be developing. The Chapman Arizona technicians will put your system under pressure, which will reveal any small cracks or pin holes in your hoses. While you have your vehicle in for service, get an oil change and tire rotation so you can start the New Year off right and enjoy many miles of happy driving.

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