Four Things to Do Before Trading Your Vehicle


Four Simple Steps Help Maximize Trade Value

With the advent of the Internet and a myriad of sites devoted to consumer education about the auto business, it’s rare indeed for a customer to walk onto a car lot and not have a general idea about how much they’re willing to spend. Some buyers spend weeks researching new cars, reading reviews and finding out how much a specific vehicle with all the options they want will cost. Sometimes though, customers forget about one important part of a new car purchase: the trade-in. Educating yourself on the value of your trade, along with taking a few simple steps to increases your vehicle’s worth, will go a long way towards securing a few hundred extra dollars when it comes to trade in time. When it does come time to trade your car in, rest assured that all the Chapman Arizona dealerships will give you top dollar whether you’re buying a new or used vehicle.

Make Your Vehicle Something You’d Want to Buy

There are numerous horror stories about people who treat their car like a garbage can, which is certainly their right, but then don’t take the time to clean it up when it comes time to trade it in. A very simple rule is to make your car look like something you might want to buy. You can either take it to a full-service car wash and for about 20 bucks have it cleaned inside and out, or you can do it yourself. It doesn’t have to look new, but looking like it was cared for can make a big difference in the dealer’s offer.

Understand Where the Dealer is Coming From

Most dealers have a website like the ones of the Chapman Arizona dealerships, where you can look at the used car inventory. If you have a 2008 Chevy Cavalier and you see 20 other Chevy Cavaliers in the dealer’s used car list, chances are they aren’t going to be that excited to get another one. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get a good deal, but you need to adjust your expectations to the reality of the situation.

Do a Little Research

Websites such as Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book are two good places to go for a general idea of your cars worth. Just type in the year, make, model and optional features of your car to get an instant quote. What those sites don’t take into consideration are a dealer’s particular needs, or the experience of the Used Car manager. The used car manager attends auctions on a regular basis, so he knows what vehicles go for in a particular market. Manufacturer incentives on similar model vehicles also come into the picture.

Make a Trip to the Wizard

Numerous dents and dings can affect the value of a car tremendously. There are “dent wizards” who are very affordable and skilled at popping out small dents so they are virtually unnoticeable. Once you’re ready to trade your car in, visit any of the dealerships in the Chapman Arizona group. They’ll give you a fair price with a no-hassle sales experience.

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