Four Items You Should Always Have in Your Vehicle

Before you head off on your next trip across the desert, or perhaps even before tomorrow’s morning commute, there are a few essential items you should always have in your car. Along with the following essentials, always make sure your vehicle is in top working order. Regular trips to a service advisor at any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships will ensure your car stays in tip top shape. Consider carrying the following in your vehicle at all times.

Gallon of Water and Duct Tape

If your stars are aligned and the heavens smile upon you, when you go to trade in your vehicle you will have a gallon of unused water and some dusty old duct tape to transfer to your new vehicle. However, if one of your hoses should spring a leak on some lonely old highway, you’ll be glad you came prepared. Just wait for the engine and hoses to cool down, then wrap the offending hose where the leak is and six inches on each side of the hole before adding the water to the radiator. That should get you to the closest service station for a repair.

Portable Jump Starter

Your father probably told you to always carry a pair of jumper cables, but what if there’s no one around to give you a jump? Portable jump starters are now well under $100 and will give you enough juice to get going when old Betty just won’t crank over anymore. Remember to charge the jump starter occasionally to make sure it has enough power to get you going. Also remember to get your battery checked regularly at your local Chapman Arizona dealership. It’s not uncommon for a new auto battery to only last a couple of years in the desert heat.

Cell Phone Charger

So, you run into a little trouble and pull out your trusty smartphone only to see that it is totally drained. What now? Perhaps a long walk. Always plug your phone in whenever you head out, especially if you’re heading out of town. A charged phone may be the difference between you reaching your destination and sleeping in your car.

Emergency Bag

Hopefully you’ll never need it, but an emergency bag packed with a blanket, some first aid supplies, pain killers, snacks and a couple of bottles of drinking water can mean the difference between a horrible experience and simple inconvenience. Also throw in some plastic shopping bags. They come in handy for everything from storing trash to wrapping around your feet in case you have to walk through wet slush or snow.

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