Five Necessities for Summer Desert Driving

While the Arizona desert can be beautiful, especially this time of year when the spring flora is in full bloom, summer temperatures can make it a particularly harsh environment. The folks at Chapman Arizona encourage you to follow these five tips when trekking out across the desert highways in triple digit heat.

Bring Plenty of Water

If you’re heading out of town across the desert, make sure you bring plenty of water for you, your occupants, and your vehicle. A safe bet is a gallon of water for each occupant of your car, and a couple of extra gallons in case your cooling system should spring a leak. Water’s cheap and dehydration is no fun.

Get Your Car Checked Out

Before you leave, bring your car into any Chapman Arizona dealership for a complete check-up. If your cooling system has never been flushed, now is a good time to start. The pros at Chapman can identify any trouble spots such as cracked hoses or belts. A few dollars spent now can save you a ton of torture in the hot desert sun.

Stick to Popular Roads

While the Arizona back roads can lead to some wonderful scenery, the summer is no time to go out exploring. Stick to roads where other cars pass by frequently and where there are gas stations and other places that can lend help in an emergency.

Let Someone Know Where You Are

Before you tackle traveling across desert, let someone know your travel plans. Tell them you will check in with them when you arrive. If they don’t get a phone call in an appropriate amount of time, they can call for help and perhaps save you from spending a night in your car on a lonesome road.

Learn How to Do Simple Maintenance

A roll of duct tape, some water, a pair of pliers and a screwdriver can mean the difference between you staying mobile and being stranded in the desert. Learn how to do simple maintenance on your vehicle such as patching a hose or changing a tire. Use the shiny side of a CD to signal for help when all seems lost. These are simple things that can help you survive those horrible summer temps. Remember to swing by any Chapman Arizona dealership before you head out and have your fluids checked, oil changed and tires rotated. A little preventive maintenance can give you peace of mind and be the difference between a fun trip and a nightmare.

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