Five Must-have Items for Safer Winter Driving

Picture this scenario for a moment: You head off to a trip for some late season chances to look at the changing leaves in northern Arizona, heading off on backroads where you heard there’s a glorious stand of Aspens in full display of autumn hues. You see storm clouds, but don’t think much about them. After all, you do have all-wheel drive. You park the car and take your picnic lunch on a bit of a hike to see the trees, which are just as beautiful as promised. You notice it getting darker, and then it starts to rain. As you rush back to your vehicle, the rain turns to hail and the hail turns to snow. It is an early blizzard that’s not common, but not unheard of in northern Arizona. Pretty soon the snow is several inches thick, turning the primitive road and surrounding meadows into one serene white blanket, morphing ditches and obstacles into a winter wonderland. If your car would get stuck, would you be prepared to spend a night in the snow? One great way to make sure you don’t have any vehicle problems is to get an inspection at any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships.

Gasoline the Eraser for Bad Decisions

Okay, so if you had it to do over again you probably would have checked the weather report before heading out into the back country. But at least you had the good sense to fill up your tank, right? Keeping your tank as full as possible in the winter, whether you’re driving on Interstates or testing your luck on some dirt roads can be key to being relatively comfortable or spending a long, lonely night in a freezing vehicle. You can easily make it through the night on a tankful of gas, letting your heater run and keeping all occupants cozy, if not happy.

Food and Drink Essential

You’d be surprised at how little food the human body can get by on over an extended period of time, but it is important to have sustenance, if only to improve your passengers’ mental outlook. A few protein bars, a jar of nuts and even a jar of peanut butter and some crackers are all great ideas to stash in your survival kit. A couple of gallons of drinking water are even more important to keep everyone hydrated.

Charge that Cell Phone

It’s true that there are many areas in the boonies that don’t get cell reception, but if you don’t have a charged cell phone it’s not going to matter. Always have a cell phone charger in your car. If you don’t get reception within the car, try standing on the roof and reaching as high as possible. Those few extra feet can mean the difference between getting a signal and spending the night in the cold and dark.

Blankets and Come in Handy

Keeping a couple of old, large blankets in your car is a great idea to help ward off the cold. If all goes south and you run out of gas on your night on the trail, huddle all the passengers as closely together as possible and surround yourself with blankets. Try and close any holes so your body heat will create a thermal layer of warmth.

Don’t Forget the Shovel

A small garden shovel can be the difference between a nice hot dinner and a night in a motel and hearing your occupants complain that all they have to eat are some protein bars and water. If you do get stuck, determine the drive wheel and dig a gradual slope out of the obstruction. It will take a while, but do it right and you should be able to drive right out of your obstacle. When you finally get home, make sure and take your car into one of the Chapman Arizona dealerships and get the undercarriage checked out in case you knocked something loose.

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