Explore Historic Southern Arizona this Spring

If you’re looking to have a fun time and soak in some history before the temperatures start to climb again, you could do a lot worse than taking in all the sights of a southern Arizona road trip. Phoenix residents can be watching a re-enacted gunfight in Tombstone or taking in the arts in the cool old mining town of Bisbee in less than three hours. The area is filled with monuments, ghost towns and great places to stay and eat, making for a fun weekend for you and the entire family. Before you head out on this, or any road trip, make sure and get your vehicle checked out at any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships. Some fresh oil, lube and a quick check of all your fluids is a good idea before traipsing across the desert.

Tombstone Too Tough to Die

Head about 40 miles past Tucson on I-10 to the Benson turn-off and you’ll be closing in on Tombstone, the town “too tough to die.” Tombstone was a boom town in the old silver mining days and a place where tough guys went to shoot and get shot. You can enjoy a nice lunch at Big Nose Kate’s saloon, then head over to see a re-enactment of old-time gunfights. The Bird Cage saloon offers an interesting glimpse into the past, including authentic posters of the day and a ton of memorabilia. You can stay in an RV park or local motel, or take the 30-minute drive to Sierra Vista for more modern accommodations, shopping, restaurants and movie theaters.

Bisbee Home of Artists and More

Bisbee was originally founded as a mining town in 1880, but as the gold, copper and silver got played out, it has morphed into more of an artist enclave these days. If you’ve ever been to Jerome, Bisbee will remind you of that mountain town with the houses stacked on top of each other up into the hillside. You can get a real taste of old-town Bisbee by taking the Copper Queen Mine tour, traveling deep into the hillsides to see what life was like a hundred years ago. Stay at the Copper Queen Hotel and you might get to meet one of the reported ghosts who still roam the halls at night. There are plenty of shops to visit or you can just wander around and enjoy the Victorian style architecture.

Ghost Towns Abound in Southern Arizona

Head down south of Tucson and there is a wide selection of ghost towns to visit, as well as the historic Fort Bowie. Fort Bowie was first established in 1862 as a base from which to fight the Apaches. After Geronimo surrendered in 1886, it was closed and is now a National Historic Site with remnants of walls and buildings. Pearce, Courtland, Gleeson and Fairbank are some other historic sites that are interesting and make great pictures. Remember before you embark on a trip across the desert to get you car serviced at a Chapman Arizona dealership. They’ll get you on your way quickly giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your trip.

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