Do You Know the Dust Storm Drill?

August is a great time to live in Arizona, mainly because you know that summer is on the downward slope and the cooler days of fall are just weeks ahead. But August is also a time when the monsoons rear their ugly head, bringing rain and dust to various parts of the state. Rain is usually welcome, but the dust walls that look like something out of a horror movie can bring an end-of-the-world type experience to unsuspecting motorists. The folks at Chapman Arizona urge you to follow the slogan “pull aside-stay alive” if you should run into a dust storm.

Pull Aside – Stay Alive

The Arizona Department of Transportation advises anyone involved in a dust storm to follow these simple steps:

• As soon as you encounter a dust storm, check all around your vehicle and begin to slow down as safely as possible.

• Pull off the paved part of the roadway as far as you can.

• TURN OFF all lights. Get your foot off the brake and do not turn on your flashers. Other motorists may see a glint of light through the dust and follow you, causing a collision.

• Set your emergency brake.

• Stay in your vehicle with your seat belt fastened until the storm passes. Safely get back on the highway and continue to your destination.

Prepare Your Vehicle

The route between Phoenix and Tucson is particularly sensitive to dust storms this time of the year, especially in the late afternoon. If you need to travel I-10 south for any reason, take a few steps to prepare your car in case you need to pull off the road for an extended period of time. Take some water for your passengers and an extra gallon jug in case the car overheats. Some snacks such as protein bars and nuts are an excellent idea, especially if you have kids with you. Before you head out, take your car to any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships for a quick service check. Make sure your hoses and belts are all in tip top condition and the wiper blades are working properly. As part of an oil change service, the Chapman Arizona technicians will make sure all the fluids are topped off and you’re good to head out in the desert. Whatever you do, if you encounter a dust storm, be patient. The storms usually pass within 15 minutes to an hour and the road will be clear for you to continue on your way.

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