Desert Driving Offers Unique Set of Problems

How are your windshield wipers doing? Just because you don’t use them very often in Phoenix doesn’t mean they can’t wear out. With monsoon season just around the corner, now’s the time for a check of your wipers and a number of other components and parts to make sure you stay safe on the road. Industry experts suggest you change your wiper blades once a year, even if you’ve never used them. The harsh Arizona sun can degrade the rubber to where it’s ineffective, causing streaks and creating a muddy mess during one of our patented summer gully washers. For a quick check of your wipers and other commonly needed parts, swing by any of the Chapman Arizona service centers.

Heat is Arch-nemesis of Your Battery

Batman has the Joker. Superman has Lex Luthor. The Arizona summer sun has your car battery, which is apt to go out at the most inopportune times. Your battery can seem fine in the morning, but then after a trip to the mall and maybe a bite to eat, you go out in the scorching afternoon sun, turn the key, and…nothing. The intense summer heat can rob your battery of years of performance. It’s not uncommon to need a new battery every couple of years, or even sooner if you don’t provide proper maintenance. AAA of Arizona says it responds to about 65,000 calls for dead batteries a year. Experts advise to take your car in and get the battery capacity tested. If it’s below its rated capacity, it’s well worth the hundred bucks or so to get a new one and buy yourself at least a couple of years of trouble-free service. It beats standing in mall parking lot when its 110 degrees waiting for someone to come help.

Keep Cool Baby

If you haven’t had a coolant system flush in a couple of years, now’s the time to schedule one with your local Chapman Arizona service advisor. Making an appointment is as simple as going online and filling out a little information. Once your vehicle is in the service bay, the Chapman techs will go through the cooling system and look for signs of cracked hoses, fraying fan belts and other problems that might leave you at the side of the road on the hottest day of the year.

Water is Your Friend

No matter what type of vehicle you have or how new it might be, keeping a couple of gallons of water in the trunk can be the difference between an inconvenience and a miserable few hours if you get stranded on the highway. It’s particularly important if you leave the Phoenix metro area on less-traveled roads. Take water, a couple of nutrition bars and a fully-charged phone with a mobile charging system to help keep you safe and sound during your summer travels.

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