Can’t Afford a Hybrid? Try These Four Gas Saving Tips

So you’ve been looking at all the new hybrid and electric vehicles with some interest, but your budget just won’t let you pull the trigger on a new car payment at the moment. The folks at the Chapman Arizona dealerships would like you to know that all is not lost. There are other ways to improve your fuel mileage than buying a new vehicle. One way is to bring your vehicle into any Chapman Arizona service center and get an oil change and checkup. A smooth-running car is an efficient car. Here are some other options to boost your gas mileage:

Get the Lead Out

Everything is not a race. We understand the competitive juices are flowing when you’re idling at a stop light in your Toyota Versa and a hot Honda Civic pulls up alongside of you. Resist the urge to race. Start off from the light slowly and gradually build up speed. You’d be surprised how many people you will pass when you drive the speed limit and time lights in the city. When it comes time to stop, anticipate that need and let the car slow by itself until you gently push on the brakes at the end.

Get the Lead Out 2, the Sequel

Still carrying around those cement blocks and bags of sand from that gardening project two years ago? Car makers are working long hours to cut out weight from new vehicles to provide greater mileage. They are using space-age materials and lightweight aluminum just to save a few pounds. Pop your trunk and look in your back seat to see if you can save a few pounds (tons?). Your car and your wallet will thank you.

Shut it Off

Are you sitting in a line at the drive-in that doesn’t seem to be moving? Shut your car off. Excessive idling uses much more fuel than it takes to restart your engine. Many new cars come with a stop/start function that shuts the vehicle off every time you come to a stop, then automatically restarts when its time to go. You don’t need to go to those extremes, but be mindful of sitting and idling for excessive periods.

Plan Your Trips

Take a moment at the start of each day and plan your daily trips. Mapping out a route that provides efficiency can not only save you on gas, but also save on tires and regular wear and tear. A few little tricks like these may not get you into hybrid mileage range, but they will put some extra dollars in your wallet that can go toward a down payment. When you get ready for that hybrid, make sure and visit one of the Chapman Arizona dealerships for the best selection and lowest price.

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