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So you’ve gone to one of the Chapman Arizona dealerships and picked out the new love of your life. Maybe it’s a Camaro, or maybe it’s a Hyundai Accent. The model and whether it’s new or gently used isn’t really important. What’s important is that this new (to you) car is now an important part of your life. It gets you to work, to school and to all the fun things you do in your life. It’s important you keep it from getting stolen. Here are five good tips:

Keep it in a Garage

On the scale of 0 to duh, this may be the most obvious way to keep a car from being stolen, but you’d be surprised how many people use their garage for storage rather than securing a car. Take some of those old toys, tools and what not to the local thrift center to help others and make room to lock your car up at night.

Keep it Looking Sharp

While you might think keeping your car clean and looking like it came off the showroom floor would attract thieves, the exact opposite is true. Thieves like to pick on people who aren’t as apt to have an alarm or vehicle tracking device. If you take the time to get a detail, or a simple car wash, you are more likely to take steps to keep your car from getting stolen. Thieves hate getting caught. Well-maintained cars are a warning sign that you care if your car is stolen.

Get All Your Valuables Out of the Car

Consider this scenario: some thug is wandering down your street some night and happens to glance in your car window. He or she sees a laptop, a briefcase and maybe a phone. The car’s not in a garage, it’s a mess inside and there’s a potential payday even if that person can’t get the car started. Leaving your valuables in your car is like leaving the pie on a picnic table at your campground. If there are bears around, they will find it.

Put in an Alarm with a Flashing LED

Although it’s true that people don’t pay too much attention when they hear a car alarm, the simple fact of having a flashing LED alerts the thief that they will have more than a door lock with which to contend. Check in with your Chapman Arizona service advisor about getting an alarm with a flashing indicator. Better yet, install an alarm with a kill switch to keep the car from starting.

Create a Visual Deterrent

In conjunction with the previous step, creating any kind of a visual deterrent is a buzz kill for thieves. Thieves are lazy, which is why they steal instead of having a job. Installing a locking arm that goes across the steering wheel may not keep a really determined thief from stealing your car, but it will make your average thief keep on walking in search of easier prey.

Black Tape is Not the Solution

You know those funny little lights in your dash that come on when you start your vehicle, then usually go away immediately afterward? Those are indicator lights that, when they stay on, are telling you there is something amiss with your vehicle. It might be as innocuous as a loose gas cap or dirty sensor, but they might be telling you that something is serious and needs to be addressed. The solution is not to put a piece of black tape over the light and hope it resolves itself, but to head to a qualified service advisor at any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships. Your service advisor can use a computer to quickly determine the problem and advise you of the best way to fix the problem and keep you on the road.

Check Engine Light Means Exactly That

The “Check Engine” light is usually the outline of an engine and is telling you that one of some 4,000 things is wrong with your vehicle. A diagnostic reader is plugged in under your dashboard to narrow down the problem, which many times has something to do with the emissions system. First, check the gas cap to make sure it’s on securely, but if that doesn’t work, head to Chapman Arizona and let them run the codes through the computer.

Some Lights are Self Explanatory

The light that looks like a battery means something is wrong with the charging system. It could be the battery, but might also be the alternator or a fan belt. When the brake warning light beams, the warning may mean the parking brake is on, but it also might be signaling a low level of brake fluid. Different manufacturers have different meanings for the same light, so check your owner’s manual or bring the vehicle in for service. The ABS light indicates there’s something going wrong with the anti-lock brake system. This requires immediate attention. It might be something as simple as a dirty sensor, but you don’t want to find out the brakes are gone when you’re at the top of a hill.

Oil Warning Light Spells Trouble

If a light that looks like an oil can, or maybe a Genie’s lamp, is illuminated, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and call for help. Low oil pressure is caused by a number of things, including lack of oil and a failed oil pump. Whatever the cause, if your pistons are not receiving the proper amount of oil your engine will certainly seize up and result in the cost of thousands of dollars for a rebuild or new engine. Develop a relationship now with one of the friendly service advisors at any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships. They will ensure you and your vehicle can stay happy together for many years to come.

Family Friendly Events Fun for All

As the weather warms into the friendly, but not scorching, beautiful days of an Arizona spring, a number of car shows are the perfect opportunity for getting outside and enjoying the climate. The First Friday of every month is an opportunity to see some classic cars at the 5 and Diner at 5220 N. 16th Street in Phoenix. Live music and a sock hop help get the festivities rocking promptly at 6 p.m. If you’re looking for a future classic to invest in, check out any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships for a new or gently used muscle car.

First Weekend in March Busy

Saturday, March 4 is a busy day around the Valley of the Sun for car aficionados. It kicks off in San Tan Valley with the 4th Annual Cruise-in for Vets Car and Bike Show. The event has 22 classes and is located at the American Leadership Academy at 850 W. Combs Road. The Chandler Classic Car Show will be part of the Ostrich Festival in downtown Chandler the same day, including a parade of classic cars, rat rods and interesting rides. March 4 is also the day for Chester’s Classic Car show as part of the Melrose on 7th Avenue Street Fair, which will also feature a beer garden, arts market, food trucks and live music. Head over to the Scottsdale Pavilions that night for the weekly Saturday night car show, a favorite among Valley regulars.

Races Coming March 11 and 12

Road Racers will be flocking to the Arizona Motorsports Park in Litchfield Park on Saturday, March 11 for ProAutoSports Road Racing, featuring open and closed wheel cars. There will also be time trial programs, kart road racing and a driver’s education program. Head down to the race track at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler for the U.S. Drag Car Championships on Sunday, March 12. Competition styled eliminator bracket racing is the rule of the day as racers attack the quarter-mile strip with reckless abandon.

Kiwanis Nuevo Sponsors Catch-A-Wave Show

Circle Saturday, March 18 on your calendar for the annual Catch-A-Wave car show at Kiwanis Park in Tempe. Sponsored by the Kiwanis Nuevo Club, this show has 20 separate classes including custom cars, hot rods, pick ups and old classics. A silent auction will benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as other Kiwanis charities. If attending all these car shows gives you the bug to update your ride, head over to any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships. You can search the Chapman website to find the muscle car of your dreams, getting you started on the road to collecting and exhibiting your ride.