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It’s that time of year when the government starts issuing tax refunds. A sudden influx of anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars can make fantasies of vacations and big purchases float in your head like sugar plum fairies, but before you blow it all on a trip to Hawaii or a new flat screen, remember that friend of yours sitting in the garage.

Your car is a faithful servant, starting up every morning taking you to work and the kids to school. On weekends it takes you to the mall or the soccer games, and what does it ask in return? Aside from an occasional wash and fill-up, you don’t have to do much to keep it running. Or do you? If it’s been a few months (or years) since you’ve had a check-up, it’s time to take old Betsy (or Bob) into a service advisor at one of the many Chapman Arizona dealerships. It doesn’t cost much for a basic checkup, oil change and tire rotation, but you might want to spend a few more dollars to make sure you have a trouble-free transportation experience for the next year.

Check out your owner’s manual (it’s that book in the glove box that came with the car) and it will spell out exactly what you’re supposed to do when you come up to certain mileage milestones. In case the book is missing, here are a few tips to spend your tax dollars on to help ensure you keep rolling down the road.

Every 3-5K Miles Means it’s Time to Change the Oil

If you want to keep your car running well into the 100K mile range, it’s a good idea to take it in for an oil change and fluid check every 3,000 miles. You can stretch that out to 5,000 miles if you use synthetic oil. About the 15,000 mile mark and then every 15,000 miles thereafter is a good opportunity to change the transmission fluid to ensure it keeps shifting smoothly.

40K Miles is Time to Check the Rubber

When you hit 40,000 miles, your car is probably now out of warranty so its really important to keep an eye on things. This is about the time belts and hoses can begin to go, as well as tires and brakes. This is a good time to put your trust in a Chapman Arizona service advisor, who can tell you what’s still in shape and what might be a cause for concern. Arizona summers are also death on batteries, so make sure and get the water level checked as well as having the advisor look for any dead cells. Windshield wipers and cabin air filters are also apt to be about shot around this time frame.

60K Miles Means its Timing Belt Time

It’s not a given that your timing belt will need replacement at 60,000 miles, but as long as you have the money this is a good time to get it checked out. The 60,000 mile checkup is also an opportune time to look at the spark plugs, wires, coolant and anything else you haven’t addressed previously. Invest a little of that tax money every year in keeping your car running and you won’t have to buy a new vehicle for a good, long time.