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Young Driver Safety Brings Peace of Mind

If you’re a parent of a young driver, no doubt you worry every time your teen takes to the road. Even if they are an excellent driver, there are enough careless people, intoxicated drivers and news horror stories that keep you breathing a sigh of relief every time you hear your kid pull into the driveway. Although you’ll never be able to protect them completely, Chapman Arizona wants you to know that there are steps you can take to help protect your children in their first years on the road. Here are some of the best tips from Teen Driving to help your children navigate all the dangers of the road.

Take the Safe Driver Quiz

The Safe Driver Quiz consists of just eight questions that remind your teen of all the little things that go into being a cautious driver. It covers everything from before they start the car to all the steps necessary to avoid a collision. Things like buckling a seat belt, adjusting mirrors and simply knowing where all the vehicle controls are located can mean the difference between a safe trip and one with consequences. The test emphasizes the importance of defensive driving, what to do when stopping or turning and the importance of checking mirrors when backing up or changing lanes.

Good Driving Practices

People who have been driving for years, or decades, usually don’t stop to think about all the actions that go into becoming a good driver. For instance, you probably know how to get gas, change a tire or add fluids, but does your teen? The simple act of knowing how to put on a spare tire can be the difference between them coming home for supper or stuck out somewhere on a country road. Let your teen gain experience by taking numerous short trips. Have them stop and get gas, and show them how to change a tire or use duct tape to temporarily fix a busted radiator hose. The more they know, the safer they will be.

Do You Really Want Them in the Jalopy?

Over the years it has been a time-honored rite of passage that the youngest driver gets the worst car in the family fleet. While that seems to make sense, you’re also putting your teen in potential danger. Does the old boat need brakes or tires? Does it only start when the moon is full and you wish upon a star? You’d be surprised at how affordable a late model vehicle with air bags, anti-lock brakes and numerous other safety features can be. Set a budget and stop by any Chapman Arizona dealership to find a vehicle your child, and you, can always depend on. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, stop by Freeway Chevrolet or Chapman Chevrolet and take advantage of Teen Driver technology in the new Malibu.



Rip-off Artists Can Make Good Deal Turn Bad

The proliferation of free websites where you can sell a car is a both a good and a bad thing for private individuals who want to get the most money possible for a used ride. On the good side, you can reach a wide audience of buyers who just happen to be looking for a 1994 Geo, or whatever you car happens to be. On the bad side, there are people who do nothing all day except think of ways to scam people out of their money. One way to sell your car is to take it to a Chapman Arizona dealership and get a bonafide offer from the used car department. You’ll be dealing with professionals who will offer a fair price and there is no risk of injury either to yourself or your pocketbook. If you are determined to sell it to a private party, here are some things to consider.

Be Wary of ‘Sight Unseen’ Offers

No one, and we mean no one, will make an offer to buy your vehicle sight unseen unless there is some sort of tomfoolery afoot. These types of offers are usually accompanied by sending a phony money order or certified check. Many times the “buyer” will send an intermediary to deliver the fake check and pick up the car, leaving you nowhere to turn when you discover the money isn’t real. Always insist on meeting the buyer in a public place to ensure your safety and only accept cash.

Overpayment is Not an Option

If a buyer falls in love with your car and offers to overpay, there should be some red flags and cannon shots going off in your brain. Many times the person will say a third party owes the buyer more than the cost of the car, but that you can keep it all. Or perhaps they will send a money order for more than the cost of the car, asking that you keep a percentage of the extra for handling before sending back the excess. Again, the money order or certified check will almost certainly be fake, leaving you holding the bag and out thousands of dollars.

Document the Transaction

One good way to stay out of trouble when dealing with private parties is to make sure and document the transaction. Get their name and address and send that information in to the Arizona DMV to make them aware that title is being transferred. Having a record of the buyer’s personal information is a great way to keep yourself out of trouble in case the car is involved in an accident or criminal activity.

Sell to a Dealership

Although you may not get the same money for your vehicle by selling to a Chapman Arizona dealership as you would to a private party, you will avoid any headaches and  scams. Just drive in and ask to see the used car manager. He or she will evaluate your car and give you the facts on how they arrive at the price they quote. You can then either take the deal or not, but at least you’ll have a good idea of the true value of your vehicle.