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Even Desert Winter Brings Special Challenges

Although there are some nights that temperatures in the Valley of the Sun dip below freezing, as a general rule you don’t have to worry much about your engine coolant freezing when winter finally comes. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other maintenance items on your car that need attention. Although the highs are still flirting with triple digits, it won’t be too long before cooler temps bring snow to the mountains and some rain to Phoenix. After dealing with a particularly brutal summer, now’s the time to bring your car into any of the Chapman Arizona service bays to get an oil change and a full inspection.

Summer Sun Plays Havoc With Rubber

Don’t get caught in the middle of a storm with windshield wipers that are more of a suggestion than an actual water squeegee. If you’ve had your wipers for a couple of years, chances are the sun has caused them to crack and break. You not only need wipers for rain or snow, but also for that early morning condensation that can make the first few minutes of your morning commute treacherous. Similarly, the rubber hoses of your heating and cooling system should be inspected at this time. Replace cracked and aging hoses so you don’t get stranded. Hoses not only are important to prevent leaks, but also to ensure your defroster and heater continue to keep you warm and the windshield clear.

Do a Quick Light Inspection

The last person to know when their taillights or stoplights go out is usually the driver. Grab a family member or friend to help you do a quick inspection of all the lights, including the turn signals. Replace burned out bulbs and clean the lenses. If your headlights are fogged up due to age, ask your Chapman Arizona service advisor about products that can restore the transparency to like-new condition. Winter is the worst time of the year for early morning fog, so ensuring your headlights are clear and adjusted is extremely important.

Time for Tire Check

When you go into a Chapman Arizona dealership for an oil change, say yes when they ask if you want a tire rotation. Rotating the tires on a regular basis keeps the tread patterns wearing evenly. If you’re tires are getting to the point of replacement, ask if there are any specials or check the website for coupons. Fall is also the perfect time for a brake inspection, radiator flush and to make sure your in-vehicle emergency kit is stocked with supplies.


Fans and Collectors Flock to Gatherings

Whether you live in the Valley, Tucson area or any outlying mountain or desert town, there is probably a great car show within an hour’s drive. From the monthly and weekly shows at different shopping centers and public places in the Valley to the special annual get-togethers, car shows are family-friendly events that celebrate an interesting mix of nostalgia and technology. From the stock cars of the 60s to the rambunctious Hellcat Dodges of the modern era, car shows provide an opportunity to remember the old days and celebrate the new. Dodge, Ford and Chevy are all about bringing back the muscle car era with the Charger, Challenger, Mustang and Camaro as popular as ever. If attending a car show gives you the taste to put a muscle car in your garage, visit one of the Chapman Arizona dealerships for the best deal on these beasts of the road.

Check the Web for Listings

A simple search engine check is the best way to find out what car shows are happening around the state. Just type in “Arizona car shows” and you’ll get choices such as Arizona Auto Scene, which lists every show out there along with a link to provide more information. Regular shows like the KMart Cruise Night in Mesa, AJ’s Cruise-In at Arrowhead Village, Cruz’n@Phils in Fountain Hills and Friday Night Drags at Wild Horse Pass are all listed. One of the most popular car shows happens every Saturday night at the Scottsdale Promenade, near the intersection of Indian Bend Road and the 101 Freeway. Depending on the weather, hundreds of exhibitors bring cars of all ages, shapes and conditions. Owners are extremely friendly and ready to discuss their vehicles.

Combat Dolls Charity Shows Help Vets

The Combat Dolls are a group of women who dedicate their time to “fighting a different war to help support those who serve our country.” They have a monthly charity car show that benefits different veteran’s organizations. On October 16 the Dolls are hosting a car show at Phoenix Indoor Karting in Phoenix with proceeds going to the Let’s Roll Foundation. Let’s Roll helps veterans with their transportation needs. A haunted house will be part of the attraction.

Today’s New Car is Tomorrow’s Classic

If you’re interested in becoming involved in the car show scene, talk to the exhibitors and find out what kind of car is the best investment. You can spend a few hundred dollars on something that’s not running and then invest thousands of dollars and hours in a restoration, or buy something new or gently used that has potential to be a collector’s item someday. Sports cars like the Mustang, Camaro, Challenger and Corvette have held their popularity over time. If you’re interested in a new or used sports car, check out the available inventory by perusing the Chapman Arizona website.


Enjoy Adventure, Lunch and Head for Home

The diverse Arizona landscape provides a wide variety of locations for day trips to get out of the Valley without breaking the bank. Head in just about any direction from Phoenix for 2 or 3 hours and you’ll find an interesting spot to take some pictures, have a nice lunch and do a little shopping before heading home without incurring the cost of a motel room. Now that the weather is cooling down, but not quite ready for winter snows, you can make a quick getaway and celebrate the state’s rich and varied history. Before you head out, make sure you swing by any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships for an oil change and to get all your fluid levels checked. You don’t want your trip spoiled being stuck alongside the road waiting for the tow truck.

Head South for Old West History

If you haven’t explored the area south of Tucson, you’re missing out on a great part of Arizona’s exciting past. Tombstone is only about 180 miles from Phoenix, but it’s a couple of hundred years in the making. Along with the famous OK Corral, Boot Hill (Here Lies Lester Moore, Shot in the Head with a .44. No Les. No More.) and shops, bars and restaurants, you can witness gunfight re-enactments throughout the day. Head just a bit south and you’ll find Bisbee, an old copper mining town that has evolved into an artist enclave with boutiques, shops and a genuine haunted hotel.

Sedona-Flagstaff Delivers Photo Opps

Head north on I-17 and there are a number of photo opportunities you just don’t find anywhere else. Started with the cliff dwellings at Montezuma’s Castle, which hearkens back to the 12th century. From there you can head over to Sedona and the stunning red rocks, where you might even find yourself powering up under a vortex. Take the route through Oak Creek Canyon up to Flagstaff and you’ll not only experience the beauty of the tree-line drive, but you can enjoy the pubs and shops of Arizona’s third-largest college town.

Apache Trail, Grand Canyon or Havasu Also Beckon

You could probably take off every weekend between now and the first of the year without ever duplicating a day trip and still find amazing locations to visit. The Grand Canyon is well-documented, but if you want the feeling of seclusion, pack some drinks and a lunch and head up the Apache Trail. It doesn’t take long until it becomes a dirt road as you drive past the Salt River lakes. You can either get off at Roosevelt Dam, or continue all the way up to the Mogollon Rim. We’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend a trip to Lake Havasu, home of the London Bridge. Just remember to make sure your vehicle is in good shape with a visit to any Chapman Arizona service center before heading out.