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Cool Night Weather Makes Driving a Breeze

As temperatures continue to go down in the Valley of the Sun, it’s a perfect time to put the top down and enjoy the cooler weather. Although daytime temps may still be a little high for open air driving, the thermometer is down in the 70s after the sun goes down, making it a perfect time to get a little wind in your hair and enjoy the nightlife. Chapman Arizona has so many dealerships in Arizona that no matter what make or model you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered.

Z4 Roadster a Sassy Option

If you’re looking for a fun roadster that’s easy to park and even easier to love, head over to one of the Chapman BMW dealerships and take a look at the Z4 roadster. Starting just a tad under $50k, the Z4 will satisfy your need to look cool while providing the power to steal your breath. It goes from 0-60 mph in just 4.8 seconds on its way to a top speed of 165 mph. As with all BMWs, it is an Ultimate Driving Machine just waiting for you to unleash your inner wild child.

Pony Cars a Popular Choice

The Pony Car wars are still going on, with the Mustang and Camaro convertibles right on the front line. Head to Chapman Ford in Scottsdale to take a look at the Mustang convertible line, which offers a wide choice in both price range and option. If you just want to feel the breeze, the V6 convertible starts at about $30K and delivers all the fun you’ll need for city driving. You can step up to the GT Premium and Shelby models if you dare, but they are a bit pricier. The Camaro, Motor Trend’s Car of the Year for 2016, also has a number of options in the same price ranges. You can look them over either at Chapman Chevrolet or Freeway Chevrolet

Affordable Miata Fills the Bill

Always a good choice, the affordable Mazda Miata starts at just a bit under $25k and provides the same excitement as the aforementioned models, along with lower payments and greater fuel efficiency. This rear-wheel drive sports car provides near perfect balance and agility, along with the ability to zip in and out of tight parking spaces on the fly. Head to Chapman Mazda to see how much fun a little money can buy.

Jeep, Porsche Add to the List

For the ability to enjoy a beautiful night on the town and then spend the next day climbing to the top of a mountain, no vehicle can compare with the Jeep Wrangler. Head to any of the Chapman Jeep dealers either in Phoenix or Payson for the best buys on this nearly indestructible icon of off-road enjoyment. For a totally different choice, Porsche of Tucson has a number of drop top cars that are built for excitement. Owning a Porsche 911 is the dream of many car enthusiasts. Take a test drive and you’ll see why. Remember, you don’t have to buy new. Go onto the Chapman Arizona website and sort the inventory by “convertible” to see all the previously-owned deals that will satisfy your need for speed while allowing the wind in your hair.


Low Gas Prices Contribute to Truck Sales

Despite a prediction from auto industry experts that used vehicle sales would drop in 2016, the market is still going strong. Industry forecasters noted that a large number of vehicles are due to come off lease, flooding the market with low mileage used cars. More than 3.1 million cars, trucks and SUVs have their leases set to expire this year, up almost a million from last year’s number. Strong sales of used pickups, due in part to lower gasoline prices, have helped dealers like those at Chapman Arizona to keep sales moving briskly, helping the local economy and continuing to provide jobs.

CPO Inventory Priced Competitively

Automotive News also reports that lower pricing for Certified Pre-Owned vehicles has also contributed to strong used car sales this year. Different automakers have different rules for their CPO inventory, but basically it involves vehicles of a recent model year with low miles. After undergoing a stringent inspection, these vehicles are offered for sale with an extended warranty, giving peace of mind to drivers who don’t necessarily want to buy other people’s problems. The Chapman Arizona dealerships have a large selection of CPO vehicles ready for you to take home.

Consider Outgoing Model Year

Fall is the time when the new model year vehicles start arriving on the dealership lots, so pay intention to incentives offered on the outgoing models. Rebates and special finance and lease deals can save you thousands on the cost of a new car, sometimes undercutting the cost of a similar used model. All the Chapman Arizona dealerships have a website that gives you complete information on the available inventory with pictures, prices and current incentives to make your car shopping experience painless.

Consider Extended Warranty for Used Vehicles

If you purchase a vehicle that’s a few years old, consider adding an extended warranty to cover all the major components. Long gone are the days when a shade tree mechanic could fix a problem with a wrench and a hammer. Modern vehicles consist of very complicated technology, so repairs can easily run into the thousands of dollars when something goes wrong. Take the time to talk to one of the Chapman Arizona finance specialists to see how a few dollars a month can give you the peace of mind that any expensive repairs are covered by a warranty. Modern vehicles have the capability to run for 200,000 miles or more if properly maintained, so don’t let high mileage necessarily defer you from picking the car of your dreams.