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UV Rays are Killer on Paint and Interior

Along with getting regular oil changes and fluid checks from the service pros at Chapman Arizona dealerships, you need to be aware of the damage the sun can inflict on your car paint and interior. While cold weather states have a problem with rust from moisture and salt, Arizona’s reputation as the sunshine state means your paint, dash and rear deck are subject to intense attacks from the summer sun. Along with a constant beating from above, the monsoon season brings dust storms that can pit your paint and ruin exterior rubber components like your windshield wipers.

Wash Your Car Often

Simply taking a hose to your vehicle to wash off the dust and then giving it a quick dry with a chamois can do wonders to improve your chances of keeping that showroom shine. Removing all the dust particles that are inherent with living in the desert can reduce pitting and the breakdown of your protective paint layer. Find some shade and give it a good hand wax once a month and you’ll find that paint job you fell in love with lasting for many years.

Protect Your Dash and Rear Deck

The best ways to protect your car are to either park it in a garage, under covered parking or use a car cover to keep the sun’s rays at bay. If that’s not possible, use a folding dash protector in your windshield to reflect the sun when you’re parked for long periods of time out in the open. A dash mat for the front and rear is also helpful in keeping the interior from cracking. If you can’t invest in a dash mat, a folded bath towel works just as well.

Protective Paint Layer Works Wonders

Stop by the paint shop at any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships and inquire about a protective paint layer for your vehicle. This protective surface not only helps reduce damage from the sun, but can combat the little nicks and scratches that come with the daily life of being a car out in the world. Many new cars come with this protection, but it becomes a little less effective each year. The protection is much less than the cost of a new paint job, making it a worthy consideration for keeping your vehicle looking like new.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Battery

Although it has nothing to do with the way your car looks, your battery may be the one thing that needs your closest attention during the summer. It’s not much fun standing beside a stranded vehicle in 115 degree heat. The scorching summer temperatures in Arizona can ruin a car battery in as little as two years. Get it checked at the beginning of each summer and then with each subsequent oil change. An ounce of prevention is worth a couple of hours waiting in the sun for help.

Chapman CPO

Wide Range of Dealerships Provides Choice

If you’ve been shopping for a new or used car recently, chances are you’ve considered a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle. Although the rules vary depending on the manufacturer, CPO vehicles are generally low mileage, covered by warranty and offer a price break from the cost of buying new. With dealerships including Chevy, Ford, Hyundai, BMW and more, the Chapman Arizona automotive chain has CPO deals for virtually every possible make and model car, SUV or truck.

CPO Deals Start as Low as 10K

Dependable transportation with a variety of features can be had for as low as $10,000. Although makes and models vary and are subject to previous sale, a quick check of the Chapman AZ CPO website shows a year-old Chevy Spark LS with just under 7,000 miles is selling for $10,888. There are more than 300 cars available in the CPO program as of this writing, from basic compact transportation all the way up to a BMW X5 sport SUV with navigation and a slew of features. When calling about any CPO vehicle, make sure and ask for specifics regarding the inspection process and available warranty. When comparing a CPO model versus a new car, make sure you are matching trim levels and options to create an equal playing field.

Hyundai Recently Won Best CPO Program

“Autotrader” magazine recently awarded Hyundai the “best non-luxury CPO” program due to its class-leading warranty. Hyundai vehicles have a 5-year/60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty when new, which carries over for the new CPO owner. This includes roadside assistance for the term of the warranty. A 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty covers the powertrain, giving new buyers peace of mind for many years after the purchase. Since many CPO vehicles have 20,000 miles or less on the odometer, a new buyer can have many years and miles of worry-free driving ahead.

CPO Programs Frequently Offer Free CARFAX Report

One of the biggest problems used car buyers can have is when they purchase a vehicle that’s been in a major wreck. Although those cars don’t generally qualify for CPO status, a free CARFAX report will detail any reported wrecks in which the vehicle has been involved. The report also lists the complete history of the car, including where it has been sold, how many miles were on it at each sale and any title problems. For the best selection of CPO vehicles, go online and visit the Chapman Arizona website.