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Don’t Let Stifling Heat Spoil Your Fun

Just because summer’s about to rear its ugly head in the Valley of the Sun doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy going to car shows. You’ll just have to take a little drive up into the mountains where the cool air and classic cars combine to create weekend events that draw hundreds of spectators. Before you go on a long trip, make sure and stop by one of the Chapman Arizona dealerships for a quick check up. You don’t want to miss the best parts of the show because you’re stranded alongside the road.

Kick Off the Summer in Alpine

Head about 4 hours northeast of the Valley, almost to the New Mexico border, for the Route 66 Blast From the Past Car Show on May 28. Hosted by the Coronado Trail Cruizers in the beautiful mountain town of Alpine, this show has 20 different classes with 1st through 3rd trophies for each class. Prize raffles are held every quarter hour in this show that is free to the public. Some of the proceeds from the show support the Wounded Warrior Project.

Cruz’n The Rim Set June 3-4

The weekend after the Alpine show you can head up to Show Low where the Rim Country Cruisers are the sponsors of the “Cruz’n the Rim 2016” car show. This is part of the annual Show Low Days event, where vendors and artists gather. Classic cars of all years are welcome. There will be a beer garden and live entertainment following the car show.

Classic Cruiser Car Show in Prescott

June 18 is the day when the Yavapai Classic Cruisers host their 16th annual car show at the Mile High Middle School in Prescott. All show vehicles from 1986 and prior are welcome and there are 29 trophies to be awarded. A 50/50 raffle gives someone in the crowd a chance to take home a little money. The following weekend, another car show is scheduled for Prescott Valley. The 4th Annual Pronghorn Ranch Car Show and Craft Fair is set for the Pronghorn Ranch Clubhouse. This is a non-judging show, but offers a chance for anyone to display his or her classic vehicle. Along with the craft fair, there will be raffles and an old-fashioned picnic.

Maintenance Important for Classic Vehicles

If you think you are driving a vehicle that will one day become a classic, there’s nothing more important than regular maintenance. Take your car to one of the Chapman Arizona dealerships and develop a relationship with a service advisor. They not only keep you up to date on required maintenance, but also let you know about any potential recalls. Keep all your paperwork and maybe one day the four-wheel love of your life will be up for a best of show trophy.


Arizona Offers Best of Both Worlds

If you’re new to the desert, it may be a shock to discover that you can escape the summer heat by just driving a couple of hours into the mountains. Whether you go to the White Mountains, Mogollon Rim Country, Prescott or the mountains surrounding Tucson, Arizona offers a number of places you can easily go to escape the triple digits. Take Highway 87 north from Mesa and you’ll be in Payson in just an hour and a half, breathing the cooler air and marveling at the tall stands of Ponderosa Pines. Payson is usually about 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the Valley during the day and significantly cooler at night. Before you head off to the mountains, make sure you get your vehicle serviced at one of the Chapman Arizona dealerships.

Beeline Highway Gateway to the Mountains

Highway 87, also known as the Beeline Highway, has undergone massive improvements to create a quick four-lane thoroughfare to Payson. Once you get to Payson, you have your choice of heading east on Hwy 260 to the White Mountains, or continuing on 87 towards Pine, Strawberry and the Mogollon Rim. If you head east, you’ll soon come upon the small communities of Star Valley and Christopher Creek before you really start climbing. At the top of the Rim you’ll find some lakes that are idyllic for camping and fishing. Woods Canyon Lake is a very popular campground, so make sure and get there early or make reservations so you have a spot. Head east another hour or so and you get to Pinetop-Lakeside, a beautiful little mountain town with plenty of cabins, motels, restaurants and things to do.

Pine-Strawberry a Trip Back in Time

If Mayberry were a real place and was transported to Arizona, it would probably be the towns of Pine and Strawberry combined. About 20 minutes north of Payson, Pine is home to a number of arts festivals throughout the summer. Mom and Pop restaurants and shops line the highway. Have some real biscuits and gravy and then spring for some mountain art to take home. Explore the dirt roads surrounding the main highway and you’ll often see wildlife in the form of deer, javelina and sometimes elk. Just another couple of miles up the road is Strawberry, the smaller of the two towns with more small shops and restaurants. Just the other side of Strawberry is the climb to the top of the Rim.

Mogollon Rim 8,000 Feet of Pure Coolness

The road goes straight up once you leave Strawberry to the top of the Mogollon Rim, an escarpment of 8,000 feet that bisects Central Arizona. It’s a steep climb, so it’s a good idea to have your cooling system checked at one of the Chapman Arizona dealerships before heading out. The Rim is a popular camping spot, with a few neighborhoods of cabins dotting the landscape. Normally about 30 degrees cooler than the Valley, you’ll find people ready to camp lined up on the highway Friday night. If you can break away Thursday or wait until Saturday morning, you’ll skip a lot of traffic.

Flagstaff the Coolest City in the North

There are two ways to get to Flagstaff from the Valley. The quickest, and most travelled, is to take I-17 north. A more beautiful drive is to take Highway 87 up through Strawberry and turn left on Lake Mary Road (FR 3) at Long Valley. Chances are you’ll see a lot more wildlife and miss those big trucks. Flag is a major city with plenty to do in terms of nightlife, but don’t miss a trip to the Lowell Observatory, the site that discovered Pluto.