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From Luxury to Entry Level, You’re Covered

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious supercar or just some basic transportation, the Chapman Arizona dealerships have you covered. Chapman BMW in Chandler and Chapman BMW on Camelback offer a complete lineup of some of the world’s finest driving machines. Two Chevy dealerships, Freeway Chevrolet and the original Chapman Chevrolet provide access to some of Detroit’s finest vehicles, along with Chapman Ford and Chapman Dodge in Scottsdale. Chapman also has two different Hyundai dealerships located in Phoenix and Scottsdale, providing access to an up and coming automaker that delivers an industry-best warranty. A Volkswagen dealership in the Valley and Tucson provides great deals on the iconic German autos. Tucson is also served by Chapman Porsche, Acura, Honda and Audi dealerships. For those living in the mountains, Chapman Payson offers easy access to Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge products, along with a great selection of used cars.

Chapman Choice Treats Customers With Respect

When you head to one of the Chapman Arizona dealerships, you know you’ll be treated as a valued customer and not just another sale. By representing 14 different automakers in Arizona, the Chapman Choice means you have a wide selection of automobiles, light trucks and SUVs. Chapman’s online presence provides you the latest information regarding vehicle inventory and pricing, so you can shop wisely and avoid driving all over the state to get the best deal on the car of your choice. Weekly specials are available online, providing you with even better ways to save.

Chapman Cares Boosts Community

As a major employer and respected business in the community, the Chapman Cares program provides a vehicle for the business, employees and customers to help support local charities. Chapman Arizona dealerships have been heavily involved in the fight against breast cancer, supporting area youth, being kind to the environment and benefitting local animal shelters. Ever since Jerry Chapman opened his first store in 1966, the company has been active in making each community a better place to live.

Superior Customer Service is Job One

Whether you’re buying a car, getting an oil change or simply inquiring about the latest models, superior customer service is the number one job of every Chapman employee. The Chapman business model stresses that customers are the company’s most important assets. As a result, customers are entitled to courteous service from staff members looking to help solve transportation problems. By valuing ethics, honesty, loyalty and integrity, Chapman Arizona strives to provide a great car buying and service experience for each person who walks through the door.


Summer Desert Sun Can Take Years Off Car’s Life

Sun lovers can agree that although the hot summer days of the desert can be an elixir for what ails you, those punishing UV rays can also play havoc with lawn furniture, garden gnomes and more importantly, your car. It’s almost time again to pay particular attention to how the sun affects your car, and you can start by taking a quick trip to one of the Chapman Arizona dealerships for a checkup. Getting an oil change and checking fluid levels is a good way to start to prepare your car for summer. Along with a fluid check, the Chapman service techs will also give your battery an inspection, making sure it has enough pep to get you through those hot summer days. The summer heat is brutal on batteries, so it’s important to make sure it has plenty of water, all cells are working properly and the posts are kept clean. Sitting on the side of the road in 115 degree heat while waiting for help is no one’s idea of a good time.

Protect Your Paint

Make sure you wash your car frequently to keep the dirt and debris off the surface. Those bits of grime can scratch your top coat and eventually lead to a pitted or flaky finish. Apply a coat of wax at least once prior to the start of summer to help repel debris and keep water spots from forming. Don’t have a garage? Try to find a place to park in the shade or invest in a car cover to keep your vehicle from baking during the hot summer days. A cover not only protects the exterior of the car, but also helps keep the dash and rear window well from cracking. If you can’t afford a cover, at least buy a sunscreen to put in the windshield. This will not only help protect your dash, but reduce the interior temperature of your vehicle.

Check Those Belts and Hoses

Make sure you ask your Chapman Arizona service representative for a thorough inspection of all belts, hoses and rubber products. Now’s the time to replace cracked belts and wipers that are infrequently used. Monsoon season is coming with its mixture of dust and rain. Be smart and be safe by having properly maintained equipment to help you through those “end of the world” driving conditions.

Keep Those Windows Cracked

When parking your car for extended periods of time out in the heat, make sure you crack your windows just a tad to let heat escape. Interior car temperatures can rise close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest days of the year. This not only causes cracks and blemishes on plastic or rubber products, but also can promote the release of gasses. Cracking your windows can let the gasses escape, protect your interior and make it just a bit cooler when it comes time to drive home after a long day of work.