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See the Future of Car Industry Unveiled

Head to the Los Angeles Auto Show to see the latest and greatest concept cars and future production vehicles from automakers, along with one-of-a-kind speed machines and auto accessories from a number of vendors. The L.A. Auto Show is the first major show of the season for car aficionados and industry executives to congregate in one place and see the latest designs and technologies hitting the market in 2016. The show runs through Sunday November 29 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. To get a close up look at some of the new models exhibited and take a test drive, swing by any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships once you get home.

Ride and Drive Lets You Get the Feel of the Wheel

Automakers will have plenty of the latest models on hand for consumers to try out during the entire run of the show. There are nearly 100 test vehicles to choose from, including entries from Dodge, Chrysler, Ford, Honda and Mazda. If you live in Phoenix, a trip to Los Angeles for the auto show is the perfect opportunity to test drive different vehicles in one location and compare without the hassle of running around to different dealerships. Find the vehicle you love and then come home and make your best deal at any of the Chapman Arizona showrooms.

Several Vehicles Making Their World Debut

Visitors to the L.A. Auto Show will be the first to see a number of new vehicles on display from Global manufacturers. Anticipation is high for the first look at the new Audi RS7 Performance sedan. This turbo-charged monster has a 560-horsepower V8 under the hood and incomparable creature comforts inside. It’s $200,000 worth of fun at half the price. For a lot less money, you can experience the open air excitement of a two-seat sports car with the 2017 Fiat 124. Porsche has a couple of new entries with the Cayman GT4 Clubsport and 911 Targa. There are also a number of entry level sedans and SUVs making their first appearance on the world stage.

Multi-industry Collaboration Joins Creative Talents

This year’s Los Angeles Auto Show is the kick-off of a competition to create concept vehicles from a wide range of auto industry and entertainment creative artists. This is the first year for the competition, titled “Autonomous Vehicles: A redefined User Experience for 2050.” Creative teams had to look into the future to see how technology must adapt for commuters of the mid-21st century. The teams feature such interesting brand names as Crayola, DreamWorks, General Motors, LEGO and Hot Wheels.


Biggest Threat to Teen Safety is in Your Driveway

Although bullying, predators, liquor and drugs are all things you should be worried about for your teen, the biggest cause of death to all teens is a car crash. “The biggest threat to teens’ safety is sitting in the driveway,” Deborah A.P. Herman of the National Safety Council told “Forbes” magazine. A recent poll showed that three-quarters of all parents severely underestimated the threat of injury to their child from a car crash. “Too many parents still do not appreciate that the first year of driving is a particularly deadly time in a teen’s life,” Herman said. One easy way to make sure your child has a head start on safety is to keep your vehicle properly maintained. A regular oil change at any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships includes an inspection of the tires, brakes and other safety features.

Spend Time in the Car With Your Teen

The National Safety Council says the first year is critical to instill good driving habits in your teen. It recommends you spend at least 50 hours coaching your child on driving, including 10 hours of night driving. The risk of a fatal crash is nearly twice as likely at night as during the day, so setting reasonable curfews to get your child off the road is an important safety factor. Another key to keeping your child out of a crash is either eliminating or limiting the number of young passengers they can ferry around. Almost 60 percent of all crashes are linked to distraction, which could be talking with other passengers or using a cell phone while behind the wheel. It’s important for parents to set a good example and put the cell phone away when driving.

New Driver Deal Drives Home Driving Dangers

The organization Drive it Home is dedicated to reducing injuries and fatalities resulting from teen car crashes. One of their tools is a “New Driver Deal” where the teen and parent agree to some simple rules in writing. While the teen commits to following rules like always using a seatbelt, following traffic laws and never using a phone in the car, the adult agrees to spend at least 30 minutes a week driving with and teaching the teen safe skills. There is a provision in the agreement, found here, for the adult to relax some of the rules if the teen proves to be a responsible driver.

New Vehicles Offer Enhanced Safety Features

Although the common practice is to provide your teen with an older vehicle, newer cars come with enhanced safety features that can help keep them safe. Rearview cameras, multiple air bags and enhanced chassis strength are pretty common features on most standard cars. Check in with any of your Chapman Arizona dealerships to see how affordable a base car with modern safety features can be in your family budget.