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Performance Doesn’t Only Mean Going Fast

When most people think of performance, they want to know how fast a vehicle can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour. What may be far more important is how quickly that same vehicle can go from 60 to 0. Although it seems obvious to say, braking is perhaps the most important function your car has. Unforeseen obstacles come out of nowhere, from construction material falling off a truck to a child running out in the road. Your ability to stop is the difference between a near miss and a possible tragedy. Consider the following warning signals that it’s time for new brakes and take your car into a Chapman Arizona service center for a checkup.

Screeching is not Good and Will Not Fix Itself

When you hear your brakes screeching or making a metal on metal sound, this is a sign that your brake pads have completely worn out. Unlike the television or refrigerator you might kick to make it work properly, this problem will not heal itself. Once the brake pads wear out, the rivets will rub on the rotor and cause grooves, making the repair much more expensive than it needs to be. If you hear screeching, get the car into the shop as soon as possible to save yourself some money.

Low Pedal, Hard Pedal Signal Trouble

If you notice your brake pedal sinking almost to the floor before the brakes engage, or if conversely you find it hard to even move the pedal, this is a signal there’s a problem in the hydraulic connection. It might be the master brake cylinder or it might be something else, but there’s a good possibility your brakes will fail. If you feel unsafe driving it into the shop, contact your Chapman Arizona dealership and arrange for a tow truck to bring the vehicle in for repairs. A tow doesn’t cost that much and it’s certainly much cheaper than having an accident.

Other Warning Signs Include Pulling, Grabbing, Vibration and Dash Light

One of the simplest warning signs that you have a brake problem is the dashboard indicator light. Others include the vehicle pulling dramatically to one side when you brake or feeling a severe vibration when trying to stop. Grabbing brakes create a sharp response even when you barely touch the pedal. All are warning signs of a problem and a good reason to get your brakes serviced.


When the Weather Cools Down, the Rides Come Out

When the summer temperatures finally break in Arizona, all the cool collector cars start coming out of the garage for a number of vintage vehicle shows. There is nothing gearheads like more than showing off their vehicles and seeing what others have done to customize old cars. From October through April, you can find a great car show in the state pretty much every weekend. If you don’t have a collector car to drive there, consider stepping up to a new fuel-efficient vehicle from one of the Chapman Arizona dealerships.

October Shows All Over the State

The second weekend of October kicks off the car show slate with the Butterfield Days Car Show and Tractor Pull in Benson. All years and types of cars are open to compete in this annual event, which provides awards for Top 10, Best in Show and People’s Choice. The same weekend brings back the Cruise on Central Car Show in downtown Phoenix, where muscle cars, hot rods, classics and lowriders all convene to show their stuff. Along with the gorgeous cars, there is plenty of live music and food vendors. Buckeye celebrates Octoberfest with its own car show the same weekend. There are 20 classes with a winning trophy for each category, along with best of show. A kids zone and live country music are some of the events planned for Buckeye. Other shows later in the month include Cars for Charity in Carefree and the Cesar Chavez show in Laveen.

Corvettes on Display in Phoenix and Chandler

November 7 starts the trek toward Thanksgiving with Corvette shows in both Chandler and Phoenix. That same weekend, the Tucson Police Foundation is hosting the Cops and Rodders Show at Hi Corbett Field. There are more than 60 classes of vehicles from hot rods to low riders. Spectators get in free. On November 14, the Islands in Gilbert is the site of the Cool Cars and Hot Chili Car Show. Vintage vehicles will be on display with all proceeds going to the Arizona Center for Aging. That same weekend, Tucson will be the site of the Tucson Street Rod Association Swap Meet, where custom vehicles and all kinds of car parts will be for sale.

Chapman Sweetheart Show Coming in February

Chapman Arizona also sponsors a car show every February. Known as the Sweetheart Car Show, it’s scheduled around Valentine’s Day at Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe. The Desert Corvette Association sponsors the event, which brings more than a hundred of the sweetest Chevrolets and Corvettes from all around the state to display in one location. It’s a family friendly event with food and prizes.


White Mountains a Good Place to Start

The higher you go, the sooner the colors start to turn, so early October is a good time to head to the White Mountains in eastern Arizona. Take Forest Road 117 between Sunrise Ski Resort and Greer until you get to Greens Peak. From there you can look out over vistas of yellow, gold and green in the valleys below. Keep going along Forest Road 117 and you’ll wind your way through a forest of aspens that are absolutely popping with color. Turn on Forest Road 118 to get back to State Route 260 and civilization. If you want to stay on the main roads, take State Route 260 from east of Payson all the way to Big Lake and you’ll view a wide display of color and many vantage points for pictures. Before you head to the mountains, you should get your car checked out at one of the Chapman Arizona dealerships. You don’t want your picture taking ruined by a broken belt or leaky radiator hose.

North Rim Provides Spectacular Views

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon not only has plenty of fall colors, but it provides a backdrop that is known as one of the world’s greatest wonders. From Jacob Lake, take State Route 67 south, then go west on Forest Road 212 before heading south on Forest Road 462. That will put you right in the middle of all the spectacular fall colors from the Kaibab Plateau.

Kingman’s Hualapai Mountains Rise From Desert

You might not associate northwestern Arizona with fall colors, but the Hualapai Mountains rise to 8,400 feet, providing thick groves of aspens and ponderosa pines. Hualapai Mountain Park has rental cabins and a campground you can stay at while exploring different trails. Start at the Aspen Springs Trail and take the Potato Patch Loop for some of the best views. You’ll periodically break through the forest to see expansive views of the trees and mountains. Take Hualapai Mountain Road south from Kingman for about 14 miles until you get to the ranger station. You can purchase a map there to help in your explorations. Remember to get your anti-freeze checked at a Chapman Arizona dealership. Waking up to a frozen engine can be a real buzz kill when you’re out exploring nature.

Oak Creek Canyon Offers Trees and Red Rocks

Wait until the middle or end of October to head just north of Sedona and experience the fall colors of Oak Creek Canyon. U.S. 89A winds along the river through thick patches of aspens, oaks and pines, creating a kaleidoscope of color this time of year. You’ll eventually end up in Flagstaff, where there are even more colors to absorb. There are plenty of cabins and campgrounds to spend the night, but it is a beautiful day trip that will provide many lasting memories.


Colder Weather Can Bring Unwanted Surprises

Whether you live in Flagstaff or Phoenix, the sudden onset of colder temperatures can raise havoc with your vehicle. It only takes an hour or two of your time to maintain your vehicle and keep it in tip top condition. “A vehicle check before the temperatures drop is a sensible way to avoid the convenience of being stranded out in the cold and with the unexpected expense of emergency repairs,” said Rich White of the Car Care Council. You can always take your vehicle in for a seasonal inspection at any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships.

Check Electronics and Flush Your System

It’s important to have your battery and alternator checked to make sure both are functioning properly. The long hot summer in the desert can take a lot out of a battery and cause cells to die. Conversely, the bitter cold of the mountains requires a lot more amperage to turn your cold engine over. Avoid the frustration of a dead battery and get it checked out before trouble starts. If you haven’t flushed your cooling system in a couple of years, now is the time. You can either do it yourself or take it to a Chapman Arizona service bay. If you choose to do it yourself, make sure you flush all the old gunk and deposits from the system before adding new anti-freeze.

Replace Wiper Blades and Check Heater

If you haven’t replaced your wiper blades in the last six months, chances are they’ll fail when you need them most. Whether you’re in the mountains or the desert, winter weather brings moisture in the form of snow, rain or just the evening dew. Streaky wipers can make it hard to see and lead to a collision. Chances are you also haven’t used your heater since last winter, so turn it on high and make sure it’s functioning properly.

Prepare Tires for the Winter

If you travel in areas where there’s ice and snow, there’s a good possibility you’ll either need all-terrain or winter snow tires. If you travel on mountain roads, keep a set of chains in your trunk and make sure you know how to use them. The Department of Public Safety will not allow you to travel in icy conditions if you don’t have chains, so a little work now will save tons of headaches in the future. If you live in the desert, take your vehicle in for a tread check, rotation and tire pressure check. Make sure your spare is aired up and in the vehicle. It’s not much help if you took it out to make room for the cooler when you went to the lake in July.

Keep Emergency Equipment in Trunk

Check to make sure your jack and tire changing equipment are all in place. Also keep a flashlight, road flares and a blanket in your car in case you get stuck out on the road at night. It may seem like overkill, but you’ll be happy you were prepared if it happens to you.


Dealerships Need to Move Inventory

One of the irrefutable laws of car sales is that there is only so much room on a dealership lot. When the new models start coming in, it stands to reason that dealers are motivated to move last year’s model, sometimes at a sizeable discount. Chances are that if a vehicle has undergone a significant design change that the manufacturer will also offer either rebates or attractive financing offers. You can search for available rebates on consumer automotive sites like or to help you in your shopping research. Head to the websites of any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships to find great deals on year-end closeouts.

Other Times to Save Money

If you can’t wait until the end of the model year or just can’t find a sale to fit your needs, there are other traditional times when buying a car makes good dollars and cents. The end of a month or sales quarter is an attractive time because sales managers are trying to make their numbers for the period look good. For salespeople on commission, an additional sale at the end of a month could mean a big jump in their check, so they will do all they can to help make the deal go through. The end of the year between Christmas and New Years is a traditionally slow time for car sales, which means dealers may be ready to deal. Remember, if you don’t get the deal you want, you can always walk away.

No Substitute For Research

With the plethora of Internet sources available for consumers, there is absolutely no reason anyone should ever walk into a dealership without doing their homework. You can not only find the invoice price of cars, but you can also get a very good idea what your trade is worth. There are websites that tell you exactly what a particular type of vehicle is selling for in your area. Don’t ignore the dealership websites. Chapman Arizona dealers are very good about updating their inventory, so you know what’s available without having to drive around to a number of different stores. Finally, make sure you take a good look at your credit rating and be upfront with the dealer finance people. Good people sometimes have bad credit and the dealerships will work with you to get the best possible financing.

The Feel of the Wheel Makes the Deal

It’s an old saying in the car industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. It is absolutely vital that you test drive any car you intend on purchasing. No matter how much research you do, there are a number of factors that may make you unhappy with your purchase if you don’t first have a test drive. Maybe the roof is too low or the armrest hits you in an uncomfortable spot. Perhaps the seat bolster catches you in a bad place under the knee, or maybe you just don’t like the way the vehicle handles. A thorough test drive is vital before you even start worrying about negotiating the price down.