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The Arizona Wildcats are 4-0 this football season, and achieved their fourth win in the most improbable way. Trailing 28-6 at halftime, and scoring 36 points in the fourth quarter, the Cats managed to score a touchdown on the final play of the game, stunning the Cal Bears.

While the atmosphere was electric to start for the first Pac-12 game of the year, the crowd was quickly silenced as Cal scored a mere two minutes into the game. The crowd started to file out at halftime, as the Cats had only managed two field goals, despite twice being within five yards of a touchdown.

The third quarter started better for the Wildcats, as they managed to score a touchdown to get within 15 points, but that’s all they managed, as Cal took a 31-15 lead, with the game all but over. However, Arizona showed resiliency in yet another game, clawing back and forcing turnovers, eventually having the ball on their own 20 yard line, having to drive 80 yards in under a minute.

A couple of quick passes led to one final play, and only 4 seconds on the clock. Quarterback Anu Solomon threw a 50 yard pass and wide receiver Austin Hill pulled in the miracle, just getting his feet inbounds and sending the remaining fans into bedlam. After an officials review, the play stood, and the Wildcats, somehow, won the game.
As a proud member of the Tucson community and supporter of the University of Arizona,

Chapman Automotive offers congratulations to the Wildcats, and best of luck in their next game, October 2nd vs the #2 Oregon Ducks. For more information about Chapman Automotive, visit