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Those looking for a new best furry friend are encouraged to stop by Chapman Speedway on Saturday, July 26 for “Pick-Your-Pooch” day from 9am-2pm. The dealership is partnering with radio host Mrs. Green of Mrs. Green’s World and The Humane Society of Southern Arizona to bring all kinds of dogs from big to small to the Tucson used car dealership.  Plus, Chapman on Speedway is picking up the fees for every pooch adopted at the event.

Visit the dealership on Saturday for an opportunity to rescue a dog and take it home with you the same day. Be sure to attend the special event because it will only last for one day. In addition to covering all adoption costs, Chapman Used Cars on Speedway will also provide refreshments for attendees.

If you are not able to adopt a dog this Saturday at the event you can still help the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. “Like” the Chapman on Speedway Facebook page, “Chapman on Speedway”, and the dealership will donate $1 to the shelter. Facebook fans are encouraged to like and share the promotion to increase the donations to the animal shelter.

Be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity this Saturday.  In addition to adopting a pet, shoppers can browse a large inventory of used cars in Tucson.  Perhaps a furry friend might ride home with you in a new-to-you-vehicle from Chapman on Speedway!


Value Safety over Dollars

Anyone who has watched the news in the last few years has undoubtedly seen many examples where a person who placed an item for sale on the Internet has either been the victim of a scam or injury or both. There are people out there whose sole job is to scan the “for sale” listings to try and take advantage of a situation. There is absolutely no doubt that 99 times out of 100 you will be able to get more for your vehicle by selling it yourself, but are those few extra dollars worth the security risk? Bring your old car into a Chapman Arizona dealership today for a no obligation trade in offer.

“As Is” May Not Get You Off the Hook

Although you may list a vehicle “as is,” if someone drives it away and a serious breakdown occurs within a few days, expect to spend a lot of time on the phone and possibly in a lawyer’s office to try and make the situation right. When you trade a vehicle in at a Chapman Arizona dealership, the dealer assumes all the risk as to the roadworthiness of your vehicle. That doesn’t mean you should lie or try to hide serious problems, but the used car appraisers at Chapman Arizona are experienced to spot serious problems and take the condition of the car into account when making your trade-in offer.

It’s Just Simpler to Trade in Your Car

If you still owe money on your current vehicle, it’s much simpler to trade it in than try and get someone to give you the money to pay it off. Car dealerships have people devoted to finance and title work, ensuring that all the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” are crossed. Once you complete a deal at Chapman Arizona, there is no need to worry about whether or not your old loan is paid off or if your current registration is paid.

Avoid Costly Repairs by Trading Your Car

Most experts tell you not to bother repairing a vehicle before trading it in at a dealership. It makes sense to wash the car and clean out the interior, but dealerships take into account common repairs are needed and provide a trade-in value based on industry standards. If you sell a car to a private individual, you have to worry about the vehicle being safe enough for the road as well as being up front about any hidden ticks or problems. Many times the repair costs you avoid end up being more than the difference between trading the vehicle in and going through the hassle of selling it yourself. Take your car into any of the Chapman Arizona dealerships and see just how easy it is to get a good deal on your trade.