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The annual Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction is this week in Scottsdale, and there is something for everyone at this family-friendly event. From exquisite automobiles to wacky drives to food and displays, Chapman Automotive customers will enjoy looking at all of the eye-candy.

Entwined among the displays of incredible automobiles are vendor displays, tons of food booths, and the chance to take hot-lap rides in Ford and Chevrolet vehicles. Have you ever seen a 1929 Rolls-Royce Springfield Phantom 1 Brewster Ascot Phaeton? Or met drag-racing legend Don “The Snake” Prudhomme? Or viewed the 2015 Ford Mustang in-person? Chapman customers can do this and more at the auction.

Here is a list of notable vehicles to look for this year:

2008 BUGATTI VEYRON 2 DOOR COUPE – currently owned by Simon Cowell. In 2008 this was the fastest street legal vehicle in America.

2001 MITSUBISHI EVO CUSTOM 4 DOOR – from “2 Fast 2 Furious” featuring the late Paul Walker. This is the actual car used for close up shots and one of the most recognizable cars on the planet.

1956 FORD F-100 CUSTOM SHELBY TRUCK – endorsed by Gene Simmons. Contains a Ford Racing supercharged 5.4 liter Shelby engine.

1986 FERRARI TESTAROSSA STRAMAN CONVERTIBLE – driven by the late Michael Jackson. This vehicle was driven by Michael in the Pepsi Commercial called “The Chopper.”

1963 CHEVROLET IMPALA CUSTOM CONVERTIBLE – previously owned by Kobe Bryant. Custom created by West Coast Customs and featured in Lowrider Magazine.

1972 OLDSMOBILE 442 CONVERTIBLE – previously owned by the late James Gandolfini of The Sopranos. A very rare special edition vehicle with a 350 Rocket engine.

1969 FORD MUSTANG BOSS 429 FASTBACK – owned by Chad Kroeger, the Grammy-nominated lead singer of Nickelback. A hand built car with an 820-S NASCAR engine.

1949 HUDSON COMMODORE 8 4 DOOR SEDAN – from “Driving Miss Daisy.” This is the actual car used in the 1990 award-winning movie.

1950 MERCURY CUSTOM – owned and built by actor Matthew Fox. Has won World’s Most Beautiful Custom with more than $400,000 invested and hundreds of documented hours of skilled labor.

In addition to Prudhomme, on Saturday attendees will have the chance to meet NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, participate in car-care seminars held by Meguiar’s, and listen to Ryan Bexley perform at The Miller Lite Garage. You might even get your mug on TV, as the event will be broadcast on FOX and the National Geographic Channel on Saturday. Check your local listings to set your DVR to record your 2-seconds of fame when you walk in front of the camera.



2014 brings a new year and with that comes new car trends. Just when you think the automotive industry is on the verge of the most cutting edge driving technology out there, they reveal so much more. This year’s trends include upgrades on familiar technology, as well as brand new concepts and accessories for a variety of different cars. Automotive brands are competing for the newest, brightest, and best technology out there to provide consumers with the best driving experience and vehicle of their dreams. Keep an eye out for these trends as you visit your local new car dealership.

BMW smartwatch

Many 2013 cars boasted 3G cellular connections to update their maps, programs, and application. Similar to the phone industry, 2014 will mean 3G is replaced with 4G LTE connection in cars. This will allow even faster application streaming, providing drivers with the most up-to-date maps and GPS system. Having 4G LTE in cars can also decrease the number of dealership visits for updates.

Android has announced it has joined the Open Automotive Alliance, which will result in Android and Google software in Audi, General Motors, Honda, and Hyundai. Why Android over Apple? Ronald Montoya from explains, “First, Audi already had an established relationship with Google, since they partnered to use Google mapping data. Second, the Android operating system is an open platform and is more developer-friendly than Apple’s. And third, there are just more Android phones out in the world.” Cars that feature the Android platform may soon host in-car tablets for both drivers and passengers to use throughout their drive.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW have synced  Pebble and Samsung smart watches  to a few of their car models. The wearable technology will allow car owners to check up on fuel levels, status of doors and windows, car location, and address and phone books. More wearable car accessories are expected to emerge in 2014.

Both Hydrogen-fueled cars and self-driving cars come to life this 2014 thanks to Toyota and Audi. These technologies are no longer a dream for the future; Toyota is finishing up their fuel cell vehicle (FCV) which will make its debut in California in 2015. California already plans to build 30 more fuel cell stations before 2016 to support emerging FCV. As for self-driving cars, Audi’s prototype A7 has been taken out for multiple test drives through Las Vegas. While completely autonomous cars are not available on the market, many 2014 models will come equipped with side view assistance, parking assistance, and collision avoidance systems.

Stop by any Chapman Arizona dealership to learn about, and upgrade to a 2014 model equipped with all new technologies.

ChapmanCaresProjectKids FB logo

The smell of rubbing alcohol mixed with bustling personnel and endless overhead voices announcing medical emergencies is enough to send most adults into a panic attack when visiting a hospital. Magnify that feeling of terror by 10 and this is what a child experiences.

Unless they visit a child-centered facility like Cardon Children’s Medical Center. Everything about the Center is different, from the kid-friendly decor to the staff to the treatment rooms. Even the atmosphere is different: the smells and sounds are not so foreign, the tension a background feeling but not the scary wall of uncertainty found in adult facilities. Bright colors, inviting smiles and patient, understanding human beings help both child and parent navigate the situation that brought them to a medical facility in the first place.

Mindy Mesneak, Child Life Specialist at Cardon Children’s Medical Center, is one of the caring staff who helps parents and children, whether they come for a standard procedure or via the ER. From taking patients to the coveted Toy Closet to explaining paperwork to parents, Mesneak is there because of the generous donations of the community. Indeed, none of the amenities found at Cardon’s would be possible without the philanthropic efforts of the Banner Health Foundation and partners such as Chapman Automotive Group.

“Without the support of the community, we couldn’t do any of the wonderful things we do here at Cardon’s,” explains Mesneak. “We have a Toy Closet on every floor at Cardon’s that children visit all day and night after a painful or scary procedure. To keep those closets full, we count on donations from the community.”

To support Cardon Children’s Medical Center and the Project Kids fundraising effort, the Chapman Automotive Group, as part of its Chapman Cares campaign, is asking customers to donate $12 per month for a year and become a Banner Buddy.  Chapman also is encouraging customers to donate during the Project for Kids radio-thon from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on February 15th. Eight Clear Channel radio stations will simulcast live from Chandler Fashion Center, and the radio-thon will feature favorite radio personalities and stories of hope and healing from Cardon physicians, patients and families. Last year, the event raised more than $76,000 and supported programs like Child Life, the hospital school, and music therapy.

“The Chapman Cares campaign encourages our customers and employees to give back to the community through programs like Banner Buddies,” says Chapman Corporate General Manager Eddie Espinosa. “Every donation, large or small, makes a difference in the lives of the people in our community. We are proud to lend a hand to those in need.”

To become a Banner Buddy, visit and click on the link “Become a Chapman Automotive Banner Buddy.” The link directs to a secure donation server via the Banner Health Foundation. For more information about Chapman Automotive Group, visit