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The Specialty Equipment Market Association, or SEMA, held its annual product showcase Nov. 4-8 in Las Vegas. The SEMA show gave members of Chapman Arizona Automotive Group the opportunity to view automotive-related products, attend educational seminars and see impressive vehicle customizations from both private individuals and car makers such as Hyundai, Ford, Chevrolet and Jeep.

Thousands of products were displayed during the week: Below is just a fraction of the items that caught our eye while walking the aisles at the Las Vegas and Sands Convention Centers.


BedTred and BedRug

Produced by THI Corporation in Tennessee, these innovative bed and interior liners are made of durable polypropylene foam that are 100 percent waterproof, won’t absorb water, and do not “stink, stain, mold or mildew.” BedTred protects the bed of pickup trucks and Jeep vehicles and gives the appearance of a sprayed-in bed liner. They can quickly be removed and washed off after a hard day of hitting off-road trails or hauling. BedRug also fits in the back of a pickup truck or Jeep, and provides the look and comfort of carpet, but the durability of hard plastic. Jeep Kits are designed to cover both front and back floor areas and are custom-fitted to each model. Prices for BedTred and BedRug range from $169 to $239, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. They are available at several locations in the Valley; visit for more information.



Sold by Bracketron, this emergency lighting and charging system features a high-capacity 7800mAh rechargeable back-up battery that offers up to 48 hours of flashlight or lantern light and up to five-full charges to a USB-powered mobile device. The battery can store a charge for up to one year, and fully charges most mobile phones, tablets or MP3 players in two-three hours. The unit retails for $79.95 and is available online and at bricks-and-mortar stores such as Best Buy, Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods.


AutoTex PINK Windshield Wipers

Produced by Wexco, a portion of sales is donated to breast cancer charities in the US and Canada. These OEM-quality wiper blades come in four styles – the very popular pink-framed metal wiper, black-framed metal wiper w/pink breast cancer ribbon, black OEM-style uniblade and black frameless OEM-style wiper blade. The blades fit most makes and models of vehicles, and this year AutoTex has come out with rear-wiper blades as well in the PINK line. The wipers range in price from $6.84 to $17.87 per wiper and can be found online at

Slime Safe Repair

Slime Safety SPair

This all-in-one repair and inflation system allows the user to fix a flat and re-inflate the tire in under seven minutes, all without using the spare tire or a jack. The Slime sealant is pumped into the tire first and repairs punctures up to ¼” without causing damage to the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The slime passes directly through the valve stem core via the 12-volt compressor, which then in turn inflates the tire. A built-in gauge makes it easy to fill the tire to the correct air pressure, and the compressor conveniently plugs into a power outlet in the vehicle. A safety light also is built into the system, allowing for safer tire repair at night. The Slime Safety SPair can be found online and in retail locations such as Target, Lowes and Walmart. The unit retails for $38.97.


While there were no cars for sale at the show, a number of automakers displayed custom-outfitted rides. Hyundai brought several concept and wrapped vehicles, including a 3M-wrapped orange Veloster and a grey and black orange-accented Santa Fe. Chevrolet brought the latest version of Transformer-favorite Bumblebee, a souped-up Camaro that stood behind velvet ropes like a true movie star. There was even a tricked-out Ford Cobra custom golf cart in Cobra-Jet green.

Be sure to visit to view an extensive inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles, including high-performance models such as the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Hyundai Veloster.