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For the fifth year car experts from both Parents Magazine and looked at hundreds of vehicles focusing on safety and reliability, to determine what cars were the best Family Cars for 2012. Each car is also judged on performance, interior, exterior and family-friendly features. As a requirement to even make the list the car must come complete with antilock brakes, electronic stability control and a minimum of six air bags. A record number of vehicles on the list also earned a “Top Safety Pick” from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Some of the cars that made the list, that are now available at Arizona Car dealerships, include:


Honda Civic Hybrid, starts at $24,200: The all-new 2012 Honda Civic offers a wide variety of powertrains; comfortable and composed ride; good fuel economy; spacious interior; available coupe body style.

Chevrolet Cruze Eco, starts at $19,245: Put the preconceived notions to bed, because Chevrolet finally has a quality small car in the form of the 2012 Cruze.


Chevrolet Sonic, starts at $13,865: With a winning blend of power, comfort and fuel efficiency, the all-new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic is one of the segment’s top picks. Excellent power and fuel economy from optional turbocharged engine; attractive, livable cabin; crisp handling; low price; top safety scores.

Ford Focus, starts at $16,500: After a very long wait, American buyers finally get a world-class small car from a Detroit label. The 2012 Ford Focus is the segment’s new benchmark.


Mazda 5, starts at $19,625: The sporty 2012 Mazda 5 should be just right for folks who don’t need all the size or space of a full-size minivan.

Honda CR-V, starts at $22,495: The Honda CR-V has long been one of our favorite compact crossover SUVs, and a redesign for 2012 makes it even more appealing. Lots of room for passengers and cargo; high fuel economy; user-friendly controls; ample tech and family-friendly features; nimble handling.


Volkswagen Passat, starts at $19,995:  Designed and engineered in Germany but made in America for Americans, the redesigned 2012 Volkswagen Passat deserves serious consideration from midsize family sedan shoppers.


Dodge Durango, starts at $28,995: Thanks chiefly to its welcoming interior and athletic yet comfortable handling, the 2012 Dodge Durango is fully competitive against top crossover SUVs.

Honda Odyssey, starts at $28,375: Though it can end up being expensive, the 2012 Honda Odyssey is a top pick for a minivan thanks to its highly versatile interior, long list of features and responsive handling.

For more information on any of the cars listed above check out your Chapman Arizona dealerships.



Acura is known for their phenomenal performance parts and right now is the perfect time to check out parts and accessories for almost any year and model. From TLs to TSXs to MDX or RDXs, Acura has what consumers need for all their summer road trips and now you can shop for all these Acura parts online.

TL owners will enjoy the wide range of Acura accessories. The TL Sport Package, which includes a front, side, or rear underbody spoiler, a FR sport grille, or an RR sport trim available in eight different colors, is only $1999 shipped. This package will keep any Acura looking sporty and updated as you zoom to your destination, for a great price. Other options for a TL owner would be upgrading to a wood steering wheel, since it does get the most use. This steering wheel is trimmed in wood-grain and completes any TL interior by offering a sport grip feel and can be integrated into most TL models. The remote engine starter system would also be beneficial, especially for those heading to warmer places or those traveling with lots of kids. The starter system emits a signal to the receiver in your Acura and starts or stops the engine from a 200-ft range and can help save time in getting back on the road quicker. Any of these Acura parts are sure to take your Acura to the next level for any road trip.

TSX owners could benefit from some of the limited edition accessories offered in the TSX Sport Package, such as the deck lid spoiler or wing spoiler and a front, side, and rear underbody spoiler. The entire package is priced at $2809 shipped and is available in seven different colors. This package allows motorists to customize their TSX and make it stand out. The sport leather steering wheel is another great Acura part to upgrade your TSX. The leather steering wheel adds a distinctive custom touch with an exclusive sporty grip. There is also an interior trim kit that will finish any TSX interior with original Acura components that adds luxury and most importantly on a road trip, comfort. TSX owners can now browse a wide selection of Acura accessories online.

MDX and RDX owners can benefit from multiple Acura accessories and parts too; especially for those adventurous families who might get a little rough with their MDX/RDX on road trips. One feature that might be useful is the back-up sensor set which can help maneuver around tight areas and detect objects behind the vehicle with audible beeps. The door edge guards will also help prevent any chips on the rear edge of front or passenger doors and are available in all exterior colors for an integrated appearance. The mid-size roof box is the perfect accessory for any trip since it easily mounts to the roof rails for an additional capacity load of 110 pounds.

For more parts, accessories, or apparel for any Acura model check out:, or head to your Tucson Acura dealer for more information.